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Who is one of my favorite people hands down! 


  • take a screenshot of your desktop
  • dont change anything
  • dont delete anything
  • tag 5 people

As you can see my desktop is a huge embarrassing mess. I work on stuff and then forget to clean up and I’ve been busy. 

Uhhh I’ve been kinda outta the loop so I’m tagging peeps I don’t think have done this but honestly Idk


These are some of my favorite people and who I have either missed seeing them do this or haven’t done it. Ignore this if you want! 

YEAH I THINK TUMBLR COULD’VE THOUGHT THIS CAMPAIGN THROUGH A LITTLE BETTER. “alright we have a website full of socially dysfunctional women, how should we get them to participate in this protes” “make them call their representatives” “youre promoted”


Person probably use to work for EA. They are full of gems too.

Asking a socially awkward person to call their senator about net neutrality…

I don’t get why…

People are upset about seeing ts4. I don’t have the game nor will I buy it until they either improve it with an expansion or drastically drop the price and then I’ll play it as I did medieval.


Gimme Ts4 screenies! I’m interested enough to even watch a Lets Play!

Blame little-wingxo

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elleinvogue is wonderful! She is so helpful, kind and just all around awesome! I love seeing her sims (seriously the are great) on my dash and I know if I have a problem with something, she will do her best to help me out.
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This one’s for you elleinvogue, have an amazing day!

Wow 😭 this really makes my day. I’ve had such a crap time irl lately and this is so nice to see! I can only guess who wrote this- thank you so much. ❤️

I wish one of my celeb look a likes was blogged by the celeb!

I’d buy TS4 right now if it was less expensive

I see it almost as a console game and less as a continuation from TS3 so I’d still want to buy the rest of TS3 and play TS4 like I did Medieval. 

I really hate losing out on premium content. 

Thank you!

Whoa I’m surprised I got such quick responses!

Thank you

pollenpunch and simthing-clever :D

Edit: and mspoodle1