My BFF at work got me this for my birthday plus cotton candy and stuff!

Im gonna cry watching these old DOS video games

I miss being a kid.

Jazz Jackrabbit here is collecting fucking floppy disks.

Holy shit Commander Keen is on sale and on steam…


Why is it so hard to find a decent hamper in the size I need. I have my old college one you know the type and Bijou insists on knocking it over and tearing holes so I need to go back to a real hamper.

Anyone remember Lenny Loosejocks Walkabout?

I remember loving it and wanting to go to Australia [before I knew about the spiders] 

I’m playing a download of it on my PC. Ahhhh

It is called FPS Framer per Second, mine goes pretty high too, close to 200 and in game it is a pain, I think you can choose the rate of refresh - like 60 :]

yeah I know what it is I just didn’t know if anyone elses got that high! My computer is way old and runs like crap! :)

So my fraps corner number went as high as 200 while the intro loads…

You say “cat lady” like its a bad thing…

Actually I decided I really like the pollenpunch edit. But that could just be cause I like the models. >.<


omg loveeeeeeeeeee it!

yay that’s always my goal! that the creator likes it!