Bombard me with design blogs please

Like typography and color design etc
Trying to make a presentation for work.

My what pointy triangle tits you have. Once again setting up impossible standards for women.

DOS titles I remember playing

Based off the list of games I can play on the DOS simulator these are also the ones I remember most and miss. I also played Paperboy but its not on there. 

Arcade Volleyball

Bass Tour

Billy the Kids Returns

Bio Menace

Commader Keen series

Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure

Crystal Caves


Dangerous Dave in the Haunted House [DOS app]


Duke Nukem series

Epic Baseball?

God of Thunder

Hocus Pocus

Hugo’s House of Horrors

In Search of Dr. Riptide

Jazz Jackrabbit


Lemmings series

The Lost vikings

Scubaman’s Quest

Secret Agent

Three Point Basketball Deluxe

Math Rescue

Monster Bash

Word Rescue

A few others I played but not as much as these. Also They don’t have Kings Quest V and Sink or Swim

Thank you for the birthday wishes!


I didn’t know how to tell you guys- I’m 333 and a vampire. But I look good for my age!

A message from hyperkaos
♥ Hippo Smurf Gays Two Views!!! ♥ Hope your birthday is awesome sauce!!! 8D

It took me a minute to get that hahaha. Thank you doll! ❤️

A message from Anonymous
what its your birthday you didn't tell me HAPPY BIRTHDAYY MY LOOOVEEE. i'm telling you this on anon but you can guess who this is it rhymes with ho, I sent you a gift if you still can't guess lol

Haha HOHO! I lurve you bby! Thank you for the gift! Sorry about my wish list it’s a bookmark for me cause I’m so behind. Iz not greedy!

This asshole is so rude to me on my birthday

Friends me tells me he is getting divorced and asks for my number all without any convo. Then I call him out on it and tell him how this is my birthday without my mom and he laughs at me and mocks me.

Idiot gave me his number too…

A message from liegt
Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Elle! Happy Birthday to you!

❤️❤️❤️ thank you!!

I should stay up till 3:33 am today.