so this sports bra I bought from VS is the same one Nicki wears in Anaconda [didn’t realize that just liked the fit] so I’ll be channeling my inner Minaj I guess. I mean my butt is nice and plump but not Nicki sized. But for a white girl I do alright. ;) 

Just got invited to go to Slutwalk this weekend

I’ll admit I’m a bit nervous. Feminist have really been bashed lately on the internet and anything with protest- nature kinda scares me with the police. Cause the pigs be cray. Oink.

Crap crap day

And tomorrow I’m excited to go to a Topshop fashion show with my stylist friend but also I feel hella fat these days so yeah not as excited as I could be. And I know I’m not “fat” but I’m uncomfortable at this weight physically also I’d like to be able to stay the same size for a long time and save money. I wish this working out would pay off sooner. *eats cookie* 

I know you did and I appreciate that! I lurve you! :)

Man my monochrome ain’t getting love

I think TS5 will be truly awesome

Another set soon!

I actually shot the Natural one first but when I got mistagged as monochrome I went and did one to post. So I have another set for consumption and since its minimal editing it’ll be up soon! 

Drippy eyes. What is happening here?

It’s just the acid kicking in don’t worry…

[or smudge tool on 100%]